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Antonis Kitsikis was born in Athens, Greece.

Coming from a filmmaker family, he has been working in the film industry, in various roles, since he was 14; in commercial, shorts, features and music videos.


Among his personal work we can see Coffee & Flowers awarded in the competition Nespresso Talents Greece 2020 or Harvest in New Life, classified among the three best student films in the U.K in 2017.


After finishing his studies in UCA Farnham, he worked for ARRI UK in 2017. The next year he worked as Camera Operator for the film In This Land Nobody Knew How To Cry directed by Giorgos Panousopoulos.


Soon after, in 2019, he completed Tettix, an art house short film. In 2020 he made Strofades, a short documentary produced by the Metropolis of Zakynthos and the short film The Performance supported by the Apulia Film Commission.

In 2022 he finished his latest short film Abyssal Zone.

Currently he works on his new feature length script.

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